Stay Motivated

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.”
― Diane Von Furstenberg


The Certainty in Risks

As we see a bud sprout out into greater vulnerability, we don’t judge something small for acting brave. As a butterfly tears open its comfort to fly across places it has never been, we don’t envy it for moving forward. We even picture these risks as a sign of courage, strength, and hope. But have we really taken into consideration the risks they had to give to gain their glory? Neither of the two knew what was going to happen if they stepped out of their comfort zone. But we all know if they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have grown.

We all witness the start of their journey and the destination. What I think we fail to see, or underestimate, is the struggle. The small bud didn’t get up there with ease, it had to make its way through all the dirt to reach its goal. The butterfly didn’t just wake up one morning and flew into the unknown, it had to go through phases that made it stronger and prepared it for a greater journey.

It’s human nature to want the easy way in life, that’s the exact reason why technology innovates for our convenience, everything is instant. And I’m not one to complain, I patronize a lot of instant food. But my point is, we tend to forget the concept of the journey. What’s certain about taking risks is the certainty of experience. The experiences we learn from each success and failure, the new goals we create each time we reach one, the memories we share with the people we love and support us, and simply the feelings that it gives us.


You can never really get lost in your journey if you keep your goal in sight. Different paths lead you to different doors, but it doesn’t stray you. Once you open a door, it could only prolong your journey or shorten it.


Frozen Dessert that Warms the Soul

A sweet treat to eat that sends chills to your spine,
whenever you grab a cup or a pint.
Every kid in the street would scream with delight,
when an ice cream truck passes by.
A sweet treat that comforts my soul,
coming from this flavorful bowl.
Each moment never fails to send me happy,
as I pick a spoonful of strawberry.
Marshmallows, sprinkles and cherry;
whatever you choose will be perfect and merry.

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