Everything at Once: 2015 in photos

2015 was the year I never expected. The year a lot has changed in me, and the people around me. This was the year where I saw people experience hardships and fought their way through it.  2015 showered my garden with flowers, people that have blessed me with their friendship. I had experiences that taught me to be stronger and more patient in life and simply to trust God’s plan for me, and with that said, here are a few highlights of my year.

1.) April’s march: My college graduation ceremony


Graduation photoshoot with my girls
Graduation Ceremony

Oh the feels on this one! After four years of sleepless nights we finally made it to our march, together. Although this was a bittersweet moment for the four of us since three of our friends weren’t here to share this joy with us, we still managed to make the most of it.

2.) Grande “Independence Day” Getaway

Upon touchdown at Grande Island Resort

You can check out a short video featuring our island experience here! You can also find more pictures on Start the Fuzzies where my sister and I shared our fun-filled adventure.

3.) Starting the Fuzzies

Planning our collaborative blog

As I mentioned a while ago, my sister and I share a blog where we post tips, food we’ve eaten, places we’ve been to, thoughts and other good reads. But mainly, we want to share wonderful experiences and guides to all of you and to teach back what we learn in life.

4.) Birth of Dimples on Cloud Nine

I started a personal blog to have a place where I can share my interests and thoughts that are, well, personal. Its not because I couldn’t post freely on our collab blog, but simply because I wanted to share deeper thoughts and experiences with you or sometimes insignificant ones. 🙂

5.) Building dreams on a November night: First post

I was debating myself  on combining this with number 4 but then I thought hey, I had a different burst of excitement posting my first draft (especially getting that first like), this definitely deserves to be on a separate number. Frozen Dessert that Warms the Soul wasn’t technically the first entry I shared with you all, however, as I filtered my blog I came to a decision to private my first post. I couldn’t scrap it altogether, after all, that was my very first post.

6.) Bubble Gum the Bear

A blue, huge, fluffy bear? Nope, not something I expected to get for Christmas at my age. This adorable bear now sleeps beside me and is my new working buddy when my sister is still at work. It’s just so cuddly how can I even resist not to hug it??

How was your 2015? I’m sure there was a lot memories that you’ll look back to with a smile and some that you might not want to remember at all, nonetheless, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday. As a quotes says this time, last year, everything was so different. Let’s now close the book of 2015 and open 2016 with a ray of sunshine. 🙂


Christmas is finally here!

Here’s a little personal post about my holiday season.

Christmas has got me like… FOOOOOD!

First of all, since my review for the board exam has started the time I have for blogging has been taken away by reading textbooks, computing taxes, and solving accounting problems (yes, I’m an Accountancy graduate).

But I keep reminding myself to enjoy the holiday season, and so, my festive headband. 🙂

I love opening presents together with my family at 12 midnight of Christmas. We secretly buy gifts for each other while pretending we didn’t buy them anything at all (but since we do this yearly, we pretty much know we all have gifts from one another).

This year I got a camera from my sister (hooray!). Since my phone got broken last month, I couldn’t capture memorable moments 😦 but thankfully I have a sister who loves to get the best of me and cares about our blogging. Oh, and by the way, we’re cooking up something in our collaborative blog that features our holiday season at http://www.startthefuzzies@wordpress.com drop by and check us sometime!