This is the Most Important Question of Your Life – By Johnson Kee

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It’s not “what is the meaning of life?”

Too many people are looking for answers to the wrong questions. Say you’ve just been sacked out of the blue. You’re in a state of shock. Your mind is a whirlpool of conflicting emotions. These color your perspective and make you ask questions like:

What did I do to deserve this?

Why wasn’t Smith fired instead?

How will I provide for my family now?

You feel outraged. You feel petrified. You’re entering a tunnel that stops you from seeing what’s around you.

We all know that we can tap an inner well of power by being conscious of our reaction. It can’t hurt us if we don’t let it. Sometimes, you just need to stand your ground, brace yourself and let the negative emotions crash into you. We know that we truly can’t appreciate the sunshine without weathering the storm.

But what…

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Capturing Memories

First of all, my deepest apologies for being on hiatus for about 3 months. A lot has been going on. However, I have already decided to make the most of my vacation and planned a lot as well. I may not be travelling a lot, but there’s always something worth snapping in everyday. So here are a few tips I have for capturing your precious memories for every trip.

  • Be a tourist! If you’re travelling elsewhere don’t be embarrassed with a camera on hand or hanging around your neck. Don’t mind the locals, take a picture with that beautiful view you’ve been eyeing since you got there. Get a good shot of the food you and your company are enjoying. Pose however way you want to in front of a vintage store. You don’t always have the privilege of being a tourist, might as well enjoy it!
  • Include people. Of course when travelling, you would definitely take pictures of the scenery. But don’t forget when taking photos during your trip you would want to take pictures of the people you’re with. You can do the classic group photo, or be a little more creative and take pictures of your shadows during sunset or your feet at the beach. Simply keep in mind that you want to look back at these photos as if it’s saying ‘Remember this moment? You sure had fun!’
  • Improvise. If you’re using you’re phone to take selfies, you might want to use these tricks. You can use your lovely sunnies as a stand. When it’s on a surface just place your phone in the space between the lens and the frame. If you need elevation make use of whatever is within your area, a book perhaps? or even a stack of pillows. Another trick you can do is to take pictures with your headphones. Simply connect it and press the buttons of your headphone! Saves a lot of effort for trying to press your camera button.
  • ENJOY! Don’t stress yourself too much in taking photos, keep in mind that you take photos because you are having fun and not the other way around. Though I personally enjoy snapping photos of something nice. Remember taking pictures is somehow a way of capturing the emotions you had at that moment and incorporating it to that photo as a memory.

I hope you pick up something new when reading this. I would love to hear what you have in mind when capturing your fun-filled adventures in the comments below! 🙂