One Four Challenge 2016- May Week 1

I am eager to join for the first time Robyn’s One Four Challenge, and for this month I chose this photograph of my mom because this upcoming May 8 is Mother’s day. We also just celebrated her 53rd birthday last Wednesday making my decision to use this all the more firmer.

I wanted my photo to look a little vintage for week 1 by adding warming filters in Photoshop and have readers focus on her so I purposefully tweaked the color balance on her to give bluish shadows for her dark hair and then blurred the background.


It’s sort of a candid photo of my mom taken after her physical therapy; I was taking her picture in this beautiful garden when all of a sudden she decided to look up at the people passing by upstairs, I guess she thought I already got the picture. In spite of that, I love how she looked so peaceful and elegant here despite all the trials she has encountered in life.

I plan to make this photo more vibrant and lively for the following weeks to come so stay tuned! Happy May everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “One Four Challenge 2016- May Week 1

  1. Robyn G

    I love this candid shot of your Mum Jazel and also the treatment you gave it this week. Your Mum sounds very special to you. Do hope you have a very nice Mother’s Day x Welcome to the challenge!

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