You are a hero without cape, a queen without a crown.

I’m not good with words as much as this girl is, I’ve always admired her works. And with this personal piece for her mom, I am greeting everyone a Happy Mother’s Day! Do give love to them not just today, but everyday. They deserve it 🙂


To the woman whose hands are so big that she can curl her fingers around our little worlds and hold them tightly in her fists so they can never fall apart,

To the woman who have made me feel when I was still that young little girl in pigtails and matching pajamas that my hands were never too small to catch all the shooting stars and put them in a jar,

To the woman who can heal all wounds from tiny scratches on the knee to petty high school heartbreaks,

To the woman who taught me that chasing my dreams may break my bones, but it’s okay because I have a pair of arms I can always come home to when I’m tired of sailing in life’s offshore races,

To the woman whose voice remains a lullaby in my ears even after years of her trying so hard to hit the right…

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