One Four Challenge 2016- May

First of all, I am once again juggling my time for my studies and blogging that caused me to miss 2 weeks of Robyn’s One Four challenge 😦 However that won’t stop me from posting my photo edits for the previous weeks.

For week 2, I decided to crop the picture and though I mentioned in my previous post that I would add more colors to it I turned it black and white with a bit of blue tones. I also overlapped it with a vintage pattern for a pop of red in the background.

For my week 3 photo, I kept the black and white background with bluish tones; and since I wanted it to look like as if it was a printed photo I thought about adding coffee stains at the corners.

And lastly, in my 4th rendition I simply added a gradient of red-pink-purple to the black and white photo. I wanted it to showcase my favorite color without overwhelming the whole picture.

So far, my favorite is week 3 with the coffee stained look! 🙂


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