blue ocean

Spilled Ocean

You ventured my shallow waters and loved my every shore,

Sinking affections into my ears until I kept looking for more.

The sound of my waves crashing to your every oath; engulfing each promise, looking forward and nothing more.

You sailed into my midst and saw how deep we could go,

Engraving memories so clear now I wish I didn’t know.

Overflowing with delight I could not see an end in sight; embracing your arms, loving your every warmth.

Each drop of love adding depth to my emotions; but like every other you got tired and left my horizon.

Every story, every joy, floating aimlessly within. Knowing it will stay with me as my waters are with limit.

So often,

I wish you’d visit as I fill a bottle with written feelings. Thinking how it would reach you;

So now, watch,

As I spill my ocean for you.

blue ocean
Grande Island 2015

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