Writing Again.

It feels good to write again! I’ve been on a little break due to my exams this past weekend and I got so little time to sit down in front of my laptop and just blog. It felt like a guilty pleasure at the moment. But it didn’t really stop me from thinking about Dimples on Cloud Nine, I planned tons of things for the blog: posting schedules, a logo and of course, new posts. Oh, I may have been on hiatus on WordPress but I’ve been blogging a little in my Tumblr. Drop by if you have the time! It’s a little sad because I had to create another account since my first sign up didn’t really get through the activation part… I don’t know how to explain it properly, but yeah, something like that happened.

I’m also looking forward for new projects my sister and I would do for our collab blog that you should all check too! Well, it’s nice to be back in writing, and reading other people’s blog. Just drop me a link if you’d like a clingy reader like me in your blog 😉