Ending the Semester

As June marks the end of the first semester, I celebrate it with food, food, and lots of food! Lately I realized I have been eating and trying a lot of food and drinks and as a result, my fitness journey is suffering a little. But that’s okay, I’ll make up to it somehow.. I hope 😂

Oh, and by the way, I just made a Tumblr account and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I’ll share it to you guys when it’s all cleaned up! 🙂

Let’s all crave our hearts out! Happy June, everyone 🙂


Frozen Dessert that Warms the Soul

A sweet treat to eat that sends chills to your spine,
whenever you grab a cup or a pint.
Every kid in the street would scream with delight,
when an ice cream truck passes by.
A sweet treat that comforts my soul,
coming from this flavorful bowl.
Each moment never fails to send me happy,
as I pick a spoonful of strawberry.
Marshmallows, sprinkles and cherry;
whatever you choose will be perfect and merry.

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