Cloud painting

I can’t stop myself from staring at this beautiful scenery where the clouds spilled its beauty in the sky, God has once again made an astonishing painting in the heavens. 💙 


Chasing Clouds

Clouds in provinces have always been fluffier than in the city. I’d like to think the sky there is healthier 🙂

Whenever we travel to rural areas I feel a lot closer to the sky! I’m glad I got to capture these shots even when we were in a fast moving car 😉

I hope my fellow cloud gazers would enjoy my new series!


Heaven Series

I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of the heavens. Wherever I go I would snap a photo of the sky numerous times even though I don’t have a professional camera; that won’t stop me from capturing the beauty of each sunrise and fiery sunset I see. So I plan on making an album here on Dimples on Cloud Nine. 🙂


For all of you cloud lovers out there, I hope you’d enjoy this as much as I do!