Dimples’ Writings

Cloud painting

I can’t stop myself from staring at this beautiful scenery where the clouds spilled its beauty in the sky, God has once again made an astonishing painting in the heavens. 💙 


Chasing Clouds

Clouds in provinces have always been fluffier than in the city. I’d like to think the sky there is healthier 🙂

Whenever we travel to rural areas I feel a lot closer to the sky! I’m glad I got to capture these shots even when we were in a fast moving car 😉

I hope my fellow cloud gazers would enjoy my new series!


Heaven Series

I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of the heavens. Wherever I go I would snap a photo of the sky numerous times even though I don’t have a professional camera; that won’t stop me from capturing the beauty of each sunrise and fiery sunset I see. So I plan on making an album here on Dimples on Cloud Nine. 🙂


For all of you cloud lovers out there, I hope you’d enjoy this as much as I do!

Writing Again.

It feels good to write again! I’ve been on a little break due to my exams this past weekend and I got so little time to sit down in front of my laptop and just blog. It felt like a guilty pleasure at the moment. But it didn’t really stop me from thinking about Dimples on Cloud Nine, I planned tons of things for the blog: posting schedules, a logo and of course, new posts. Oh, I may have been on hiatus on WordPress but I’ve been blogging a little in my Tumblr. Drop by if you have the time! It’s a little sad because I had to create another account since my first sign up didn’t really get through the activation part… I don’t know how to explain it properly, but yeah, something like that happened.

I’m also looking forward for new projects my sister and I would do for our collab blog that you should all check too! Well, it’s nice to be back in writing, and reading other people’s blog. Just drop me a link if you’d like a clingy reader like me in your blog 😉


Words gave birth to us
And once had nurtured us,
But now, words had ended you and me.
So let me bury this love
In the garden of my poetry


blue ocean

Spilled Ocean

You ventured my shallow waters and loved my every shore,

Sinking affections into my ears until I kept looking for more.

The sound of my waves crashing to your every oath; engulfing each promise, looking forward and nothing more.

You sailed into my midst and saw how deep we could go,

Engraving memories so clear now I wish I didn’t know.

Overflowing with delight I could not see an end in sight; embracing your arms, loving your every warmth.

Each drop of love adding depth to my emotions; but like every other you got tired and left my horizon.

Every story, every joy, floating aimlessly within. Knowing it will stay with me as my waters are with limit.

So often,

I wish you’d visit as I fill a bottle with written feelings. Thinking how it would reach you;

So now, watch,

As I spill my ocean for you.

blue ocean
Grande Island 2015

You Make My Day

You are my favorite sunrise;

The way your warmth gently wraps me in its arms, slowly bringing sunshine into my life.

Each waking moment you give vigor to start my day and you never forget to bring color along the way.

You paint my every sunset;

Your smile alight with rays of scarlet and toasted gold, gently turning my troubles into joy.

The quietness of the closing day harmonizing with our laughter in the air.

You light up my night sky;

The shimmer of every star is nothing compared to the galaxy humbly glimmering in your eye.

Cold breeze briskly touching the trees, steady glow veiling the sleepy sky.

The more I dwell in this embrace, the less I want to escape..

You make my every day. 

Photo by Jamie Marie, Enchanted Kingdom 2014


Ending the Semester

As June marks the end of the first semester, I celebrate it with food, food, and lots of food! Lately I realized I have been eating and trying a lot of food and drinks and as a result, my fitness journey is suffering a little. But that’s okay, I’ll make up to it somehow.. I hope 😂

Oh, and by the way, I just made a Tumblr account and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I’ll share it to you guys when it’s all cleaned up! 🙂

Let’s all crave our hearts out! Happy June, everyone 🙂